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Showcasing our recent Diploma Graduates

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We are very proud to showcase our most recent Diploma Graduates' work with you. Unfortunately, due to the current government restrictions due to COVID, we have had to postpone our Annual Diploma Show at our Norfolk Painting School Gallery. In the mean time, we have chosen to celebrate their success online! We look forward to hosting the physical exhibition as soon as safe to do so! Congratulations to all of our Diploma Students, we hope you enjoy their work!

Debbie Macklin

Title: The Arched Garden Path

Medium: Oil on Board 

Size: 24" x 20"


Nyall Farrell

Title: After the Lockdown....

Medium: oil on board

Size: 20" x 24"


Mirka McNeill

Title: Untitled

Medium: Oil On Board

Size: 20 x 24 "

Sharon Moulton

Title: Untitled 

Medium: Oil and wax on box canvas Size: 3ft x 2ft.

Lin Kerr

Title: 'Girl with a golden eyebrow ring'

Medium: collage, underdrawing, oils


Q986 Girl with a golden eyebrow ring.jpg

Glyn Rand

Title: Untitled

Medium: oil on board



Terry Brownbill

Title: Omo Valley Body Art

Medium: Oil On Board

Size: 3ft x 4ft


Karen Jones

Title: Snowdon Stomper

Medium: Oil on board 

 Size: 65 cms length by 55cms height

Sue Lawley


Terri Broughton

Title: Come to the edge

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 90x122cms


Hatty Richmond

Title: Untitled

Medium: Oil and tempera on canvas

Size: 150cm x 100cm


Meg Head

Title: Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe

Medium: Oil

 Size: 20 x 30"

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